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Amnesty for Timothy McVeigh. Timothy McVeigh is clearly a political prisoner and is being executed for his political beliefs. Ombudsman International demands a full amnesty for Timothy McVeigh.

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In a World full of injustices, where everything is controlled by a small minority, where the majority has no rights, where a minority controls the lives of the majority - like puppets on a string - Ombudsman International is the one place you can turn to with all your problems, the one place that keeps ears open to all your sorrows and suffering. Because we don't have the capacity (yet) to answer all your letters and deal with all your problems, in the meantime, please, turn to one of the websites listed in the links. Perhaps one of these websites already deals with similar problems you may have, perhaps one of these websites can help you. We hope to be able to answer most, maybe even all of your letters, and deal with all the problems, sometime in the future. Until such day, please, turn to those links you find here. Thank you for your patience, and let's stay together. In unity is strength, and only in unity can we win.
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International Court of Justice

Helsinki Human Rights Federation

Council of Europe -1

Council of Europe - 2

European Court of Human Rights

World Slavonic Congress 1

World Slavic Congress2

Unesco Homepage

Unesco Culture-Link



World Socialist Website

Amnesty International-human rights

League against Swiss fascism.

Report on Swiss Apartheit.

ISHR Hum Rights

People for social change.

Home of online activism

Indigenous Environmental Network.

Unisun - Art of Life

Online Anarchists

Corporate Watch

Labor Notes - movement.

Environmetal Information.

World Jewish Congress


Various links nr.1

Online Anarchy

Anarchy Infos

Global Justice


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Please use one of these banners/icons to link to us:

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Office of the Public Protector, South Africa

Office of the Ombudsman, Hong Kong, China
Office of the Ombudsman, Korea
Office of the Control Yuan, Taiwan

Office of the Ombudsmen of New Zealand
Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman & Defence Force Ombudsman, Federal
Office of the Ombudsman, Northern Territory
Office of the Ombudsman, South Australia

Defensor del Pueblo de la Republica, Argentina
Defensor de los Habitantes, Costa Rica
Comisionado Nacional de Proteccion de los Derechos Humanos, Honduras
Comision Nacional de Derechos Humanos, Mexico

Office of the Ombudsman, Alberta
Office of the Ombudsman, British Columbia
Office of the Ombudsman, Manitoba
Office of the Ombudsman, Ontario
Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages
Le Protecteur du Citoyen, Quebec
Citizen's Aide Ombudsman, Arizona
Office of the Citizen's Aide Ombudsman, Iowa
Commonwealth Ombudsman, Puerto Rico 
King County Office of Citizens' Complaints, Seattle, Washington

Volksanwaltschaft, Austria
Ombudsman of the Flemish Community
Mediateur de la Region Wallonne, Belgium
Folketingets Ombudsmand, Denmark
Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, Finland
Office of the Chancellor of Justice, Finland
Mediateur de la Republique, France
Ombudsman of the European Union
Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag, Germany
National Ombudsman, Ireland
De Nationale Ombudsman, The Netherlands
Parliamentary Ombudsman, Norway
Provedor de Justica, Portugal
Defensor del Pueblo, Spain (National)
Defensor del Pueblo, Andaluz, Spain (Regional)
Ararteko Pays Vasco (Regional)
Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration & Commissioner for Complaints, Northern Ireland
Riksdagens Ombudsman, Sweden
Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration & Health Service Commissioner, United Kingdom
Commission for Local Administration in England London
Commission for Local Administration in Wales
British & Irish Ombudsman Association 

National Ombudsman, State Comptroller & Commissioner for Complaints from the Public, Israel
Office of the Ombudsman, Romania
Office of the Ombudsman, Slovenia
Office of the Ombudsman, Uzbekistan